Spyera Review

Spyera Review

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Mobile monitoring software allows concerned parents to keep an eye on their children’s communications and online activities. It is also a solution for companies that need to make sure that their employees use their work devices appropriately and that no confidential information is leaked. While there are many mobile monitoring systems available, it is important to choose an option that is reliable and that is precisely what Spyera offers. This provider supports a good set of features that will help you to monitor a mobile device. We’ll find out more about Spyera in this review.

What can Spyera do?

With Spyera, you will be able to access call details including time, duration and contacts. The app even offers a call interception feature so you can listen to live calls and record them. You can check the contacts in the target phone and you can get notifications when calls to or from specific contacts are taking place. It is also possible to adjust the settings so that Spyera records calls that involve certain numbers automatically. Then you can access the recordings and all the information that the app collects, through your Spyera account. It is also possible to check text messages and you will be able to read them, even if they are deleted from the phone.

Spyera also enables you to check the activity from WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LINE, WeChat, LINE, iMessage, Skype, BBM and other popular messaging apps. Spyera lets you check notifications, posts and all the activity on social media so you will always know what your kids are up to. The application also gives you access to emails, photos, videos, audio files and all the data stored on the phone. If you need to monitor a new device (for instance, if your child gets a different phone) you can continue using the same Spyera license while it is active.


Spyera is a comprehensive monitoring solution and it supports a good selection of practical features. Here is the list of the functions that are available:

  • You can log calls and get reports with all the relevant details such as contact, time, date and duration of the call. Spyera also offers call interception. You can listen to calls or record them and listen to them later. With Spyera, you can also record VoIP calls and monitor the activity on VoIP applications.
  • Spyera gives you access to all the media files including photos, videos and audio tracks.
  • You can access the address book and all the contacts saved. In addition, you can read text messages and emails.
  • The app also offers the option to listen to surroundings. This will help you to know if your child is in danger or if they really are where they are meant to be.
  • Since instant messaging apps are widely used these days, specially by kids, Spyera supports access to an extensive list of options in this area. You can check conversations in WhatsApp, LINE, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, SKYPE, Hangouts, Snapchat, Telegram, iMessage, KIK, Yahoo Messenger, Tinder, Telegram and more. Spyera even gives you the possibility of reading BBM (BlackBerry Messenger ) conversations, an option that not many providers offer.
  • If the SIM card is changed, Spyera will notify you.
  • Spyera lets you track GPS location and if GPS is not available, you can use the Cell ID tracking feature.
  • Spyera also has a keylogger that can capture all the keystroke history of the applications that you specify.
  • You can activate the camera and the microphone so that you can see and listen to everything that happens around the target device.
  • As previously mentioned, as long as your license is still active, you can move the application to a different phone whenever needed.
  • You can see the browsing history to find out what your kids or employees are searching online and what websites they visit.
  • Spyera lets you see what apps are installed on the device and you can see how they are used. One of the remote control options available gives you the chance to uninstall apps that may not be appropriate for your kids. The remote control function also lets you manage the Spyera app and even uninstall it.
  • Spyera works in stealth mode and the data collected is secured using AES/PKI Encryption as well as HTTPS encryption.

You will also be able to get a clear overview of your kids’ online activities, their communications and will be able to act on time, if they are facing potential dangers. With the information that Spyera collects, you can talk to your kids and keep them safe from harmful content or dangerous contacts. For companies, being able to check how employees use their business devices is crucial to prevent important data leakage and make sure that productivity is not affected.

It is important to keep in mind that this technology is very powerful, but it should be used for legitimate purposes. In general, you should only use applications like Spyera to monitor devices over which you have legal rights. For instance, the smartphone you bought for your child and the devices that your company owns. You will also need to notify your employees about the fact that the application is being used. Make sure that you check your local regulations before using Spyera or any similar application.


Spyera offers plans for different devices. The smartphone plan costs $389 for one year, $289 for six months and $189 for three months. If you wish to install Spyera on a tablet, the price of the license for one year is $249 for one year, $189 for 6 months and $149 for three months. The computer plan that Spyera offers costs $99 per year, $79 for 6 months and $59 for three months. There is also an all-in-one plan that allows you to install the app on one computer, one tablet and one smartphone. This plan costs $489 for one year or $689 for two.


Spyera can be installed on Android smartphones and tablets, Blackberry and Symbian phones. iOS devices are also suported but you will need to jailbreak them to be able to install the application.


Spyera supports a great deal of features and it offers great functionality. It is a reliable choice to monitor your kids’ devices or to keep an eye on your company’s equipment. The advanced options and the good quality of Spyera make it a monitoring solution worth considering.

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