PhoneSheriff Review

PhoneSheriff Review

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PhoneSheriff is a well established name in the cell phone monitoring industry. It has earned popularity thanks to its powerful functionality and convenient features. With PhoneSheriff, you can monitor your child’s Android tablet or smartphone and even control the way in which the device is used. Once you install the app on the device that you want to monitor, you will be able to access important information such as contacts, GPS location, internet history, calls made and received, apps installed, photo logs and more. The app records the activity on the phone and then uploads reports to your online account, which you can easily check whenever needed. In this review, you can learn more about PhoneSheriff and how it can help you to keep an eye on your children to protect them from harmful content.

Getting Started

The first step is to purchase a PhoneSheriff plan to get the software that you need to start monitoring your child’s device. There are two plans available, one that costs $49 USD and that allows you to keep track of the device for six months. The second option is a yearly plan, which costs $89. You can pay using your credit card or PayPal. Keep in mind that a refund can only be requested if the software doesn’t work, but you need to contact the support team so that they can confirm that the application is defective. Each license gives you the possibility of using PhoneSheriff on up to three devices.

After registering on the website and making the payment, you will receive an email with a link to download the software and the instructions to set it up. Then you can install the app on the device that you want to monitor. The email also gives you information on how to adjust the settings to suit your specific requirements. Keep in mind that it is only possible to install the software on a device to which you have physical access. In addition, it is important to note that PhoneSheriff is focused on helping parents to keep an eye on their kids. You are asked to let your child know that they will be monitored and unless you disable that option, the app will notify your child about this too.

Once your kid starts using the phone, all the activities that PhoneSheriff can record, will be collected and the information will be sent to your online account. You can access your account from any device with access to the internet. There, you will find the reports of the activities recorded, nearly in real-time. PhoneSheriff is easy to set up and you can access the information monitored, whenever needed. In terms of compatibility, it should be noted that while the service used to support iOS and BlackBerry, these versions were discontinued and currently, PhoneSheriff only works on Android devices.


PhoneSheriff allows you to monitor a wide variety of activities that will help you to find out if your child is exposed to content that is not suitable for their age, or if they are talking to people they shouldn’t. The information logged is securely stored on your web account, which can only be accessed using your login credentials. Here is the list of the information that you will be able to access with the help of PhoneSheriff.

Text Messages – PhoneSheriff allows you to monitor the text messages sent and received from your child’s phone, even if they are deleted. You will be able to see all the messages, even those that are deleted right after being read.

Call History – You can also see all the calls received and made. The information that you can access includes the phone numbers and the duration of the calls.

Internet History – You will also be able to see all the websites visited on the phone’s browser. This allows you to find out if your child is accessing inappropriate content.

Photos and Videos – You will also be able to see all the photos and videos captured with the phone you are monitoring.

Apps Installed – PhoneSheriff also gives you the possibility of seeing the apps that are installed on your kid’s device.

GPS Location tracking – You can track the phone to make sure that your kid is not in a dangerous area. The links to the GPS location are supported by Google Maps so you can see the location, as well as the directions to get there and other useful information.

Contacts and Calendar Activities – You can also see what contacts are saved and whenever a new contact is added, the information is logged so you can see it on your account. You will also be able to see events and appointments entered.

WhatsApp Messages and Snapchat – If the Android phone you are monitoring has been rooted, you will also be able to monitor WhatsApp and Snapchat.

Instant Alerts and Notifications – You can also get instant alerts and notifications via email of text message in the following cases;

  • If profanity is detected or if certain keywords (which you can previously set) are used.
  • If wrong PIN or SMS commands are entered
  • If the phone goes beyond a designated safe area (geo fencing)
  • If there are communications with specific contacts that you want to keep an eye on

It is possible to set custom alerts to suit your needs.

Filtering features – With PhoneSheriff, you can also implement filters to prevent certain actions on the phone. For instance, you can block certain websites to make sure that they are not accessed by your kids. In addition, you can block specific apps.
The parental control features also allow you to block the device to prevent your kids from using it during school hours or when they are meant to be sleeping. You can also restrict calling, browsing or messaging. The parental control settings can be adjusted to meet your requirements.

Backup and restore – It is also possible to create a backup of the smartphone data to keep all the information available, even if the phone is stolen or lost.


PhoneSheriff offers features that allow parents to monitor and control their kids activities on their mobile devices. While the functionality is limited when compared to other options that support call recording and the chance to monitor more social media apps, PhoneSheriff will help you to get a good idea of what is going on with your children. Just keep in mind that the software doesn’t claim work in stealth mode and it is only compatible with Android

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