MobiStealth Review

MobiStealth Review

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Mobile phones have evolved significantly over the last few years and now, they are much more than convenient communication tools. They still serve their main purpose of helping us to stay in touch, but there is a wider selection of options available. We can use our devices to connect to the internet and get access to educational sources and many entertainment services. Although the versatility that we enjoy from mobile phones offers many advantages, there are also some risk involved, particularly for children. The new generations are very familiar with technology advances and it is not strange to see small kids playing with tablets and smartphones. In addition, mobile phones have become essential for teenagers and while this means that they can easily communicate and access a great deal of information, this is not always a good thing.

Many parents are concerned about the content that their kids may access online, since there are websites and apps that are not appropriate for them. Furthermore, some conversations and contacts can be potentially harmful for children, which is why many people look for a way to keep an eye on their kids’ mobile usage. In order to keep them safe, you can rely on a spy software program like Mobistealth. This application is one of the leading options in the market and it continues evolving to deliver high technology that allows you to monitor your children’s phone. With Mobistealth, companies can also ensure that their employees don’t misuse their work devices and that they don’t share confidential data about their business.


Mobistealth offers two plans for Android and two plans for iOS. If you want to monitor an Android device, you can choose between the Pro and the Pro-X plans. The Pro plan is the most basic option and it allows you to access SMS messages, Contacts, Location through SMS, Call history, WhatsApp Pictures, Pictures, GPS Location, and Location without GPS, as well as see Browser History, check application list, and you will be notified if the SIM is changed. The Pro-X solution offers all the functionality that you get with the Pro plan, but in addition, you are able to record calls, as well as surrounds and access a wider range of apps’ activities including Gmail, Skype, WhatsApp and Viber. Bear in mind that the last three options require rooting.

Mobistealth also offers monitoring solutions for PC and Mac. All the plans offer access to the software updates, as well as dedicated support via live chat and tickets. You can pay using credit cards and TrustPay. The refund policy establishes that you can get your money back, under certain circumstances. For instance, you are covered for one month if you are not able to install the software on the Android/Windows device. If you installed the software, but it doesn’t work for you and Mobistealth can’t resolve it, there is a 15-day money back guarantee applicable. Make sure that you read all the conditions before applying for a refund.

The Pro plans costs $49.99 for three months, $79.99 for six months and the price for one year is $119.99 USD. The Pro-X plan costs $79.99 for three months, $129.99 for six months and $179.99 for one year. The plans available for iPhone are the Premium and Premium Plus. The first options lets you monitor WhatsApp, WeChat, SMS, iMessages, location, call details and contacts. You can opt for three months of service for $99.99 or a full year for $149.99. The Premium Plus offers additional features such as the possibility of monitoring Viber, Line and Kik Chats. For three months of this plan you pay $179.99 and for three, the price is $119.99.


Mobistealth works on a variety of mobile platforms including Android, iOS, Nokia Symbian, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry. The Mobistealth software is regularly updated, which shows the company’s commitment to continue working to make their product even better. Mobistealth is easy to install and you will be able to get the program running on the target device in just a few minutes. First you need to set up a subscription, which will allow you to create an account that you can use to access the information that the software can collect.

Like with other applications of its kind, you need to have physical access to the phone in order to be able to install Mobistealth. Once the app is installed and running on the device you want to monitor, Mobistealth starts tracking multiple aspects of the device, without affecting its performance. The data gathered is then uploaded to your online account automatically. You can log in whenever you want and access all the data that Mobistealth recorded.

If you want to monitor an iOS device, you can use Mobistealth’s no jailbreak solution. As long as you have the users Apple ID and password, and the iOS device is set up with iCloud backups, you can get access to important information. Although there is only a limited selection of information that can be monitored without jailbreak, if you don’t want to complete this process, but want to at least be able to check some of the activities on the device, it is a good option. In the case of Android, the device doesn’t have to be rooted in order to install Mobistealth, but there are some features that only work on rooted devices.


Mobistealth allows you to get a clear overview of how your child uses their device, and its online dashboard and control panel give you solid control over the monitoring options. The features supported will allow you to find out if your kids are talking to dangerous strangers, or accessing content that is not suitable for them. Employers can keep an eye on employees productivity and make sure that they are not sending sensitive company data to competitors. Here are the main features that Mobistealth offers.

  • SMS Text Tracking
  • Read SMS messages sent and received
  • Track physical location (with or without GPS)
  • If you want to find your kids’ whereabouts, you can track them with the help of the GPS and non-GPS tracking features
  • Media content
  • Mobistealth also gives you access to the device’s gallery and the photos or videos received
  • Appointments and Contact Tracking
  • You can see the list of people your child is in contact with and find out if they arrange a meeting with someone
  • Call Tracking
  • Mobistealth lets you see a list of incoming and outgoing phone calls. In addition, the most advanced versions records every phone call so you will find out what is being said during the conversation.
  • Chat Messenger Recording
  • The Premium Plus and Pro-X plans allow you to read conversations on popular instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Viber and KiK
  • Internet Browser history
  • With Mobistealth, you can also see what websites your child access. This lets you know if they are accessing any content that is inappropriate for their age or that could be potentially harmful.
  • Surround Recording
  • You can record the surroundings of the target phone and find out if your kids are really in school, or where they are meant to be, of if they are somewhere else


Mobistealth has a extensive experience in the spy software industry and it offers a simple interface, as well as good functionality. The basic plans cover the main areas that you need to monitor in order to protect your children, but if you need advanced options like call recording and access to IM chats, you can opt for the Premium Plus for iOS or the Pro-X plan for Android. Mobistealth has been in the market for many years, but it continues evolving and offering new features and improvements for its customers.

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