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Mobile Spy Review

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Many children have their own mobile devices and they are using them constantly. While this allows them to get familiar with technology and enjoy its advantages from an early age, it is natural for parents to worry about the possible harmful content that kids access or the people they talk to. This is why many parents look for options that allow them to find out what their kids are up. The same goes for businesses that want to make sure that their employers are not misusing their work phones. If you want to keep an eye on your kids to make sure that they are not accessing content that is not suitable for them, or you want to check that your employees are not sharing confidential information with the competition, a monitoring app would be a practical solution.

Created by Retina-X Studios, Mobile Spy is a reliable software that supports a broad set of features. It can be installed within minutes on the device that you wish to monitor and it collects a great deal of data that you can then access through your web account. It is even possible to check the device’s live screen so you can see exactly what information is being accessed at that time and keep an eye on the interactions. With Mobile Spy, you can monitor calls, emails, GPS location, text messages, instant messaging apps, photos and more. The app even allows you to enable alerts so that you know when your kid goes outside a pre-set safe area, for example. The reports can be easily checked and it is possible to use any browser to access your account and see the information collected.

Getting started

Installing Mobile Spy is easy, but first you need to make sure that the software is compatible with the device that you want to monitor. Although in the past, Mobile Spy offered versions for iOS and BlackBerry, these were discontinued and at the moment it is only possible to use the app on Android devices. The website offers an extensive list of smartphones and tablets on which you can install Mobile Spy. There are many manufacturers and models supported, but make sure that you check the list before purchasing an license. Once you purchase a plan and create an account, you can install the spy app on the target phone. The Mobile Spy dashboard interface is simple and it provides easy access to all the information monitored. You can select a specific category or check all the activities. There is a tab to contact customer support, as well as an option to access the live panel.


Mobile Spy supports many convenient features that will allow you to monitor your child’s or your employee’s activities. However, one thing to keep in mind is that unlike other applications available in the market, Mobile Spy doesn’t really work in stealth mode. There are device notifications and an icon is displayed once the app is installed and while Mobile Spy states that these can be disabled, it is likely that your child will end up noticing the presence of the software on the phone anyway. In fact, they encourage users to let their children know that they will be monitored. In the case of employees, businesses have to notify their staff about the presence of the software. However, parents of underage children may prefer a stealth solution to be able to get an accurate idea of what their kids are doing. After all, it is likely that they don’t use the phone as they normally would, if they know that their parents are keeping an eye on them.

With that being said, Mobile Spy covers a good selection of features that allow you to know what your children are doing online and to check their communications. Just keep in mind that some features (such as IM chats monitoring) require root access. In addition, advanced features like the option to see the screen live and GPS tracking are only supported on the Premium plan.

  1. You can see call logs, including information such as who they are talking to and other details of the call such as time, number and the name of the contact, if it is saved to the address book.
  2. You can track the messages (SMS and MMS) sent and received, even if they have been deleted.
  3. Mobile Spy also allows you to check the browsing history. You will be able to see all the websites visited, so if they are accessing inappropriate content, you will know it.
  4. The app also lets you read all the email sent and received using the primary email account. You can also monitor the Gmail app.
  5. You can also view the photos that have been taken with the device’s camera
  6. With Mobile Spy, it is possible to track GPS location. Once you log in to your account, you can see the GPS location history on a map.
  7. Since IM apps have become so popular, it is important to be able to see the conversations that take place using them. Mobile Spy lets you read instant messages on apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Viber. LINE, Kik and Hangouts. Social Media sites like Twitter can also be monitored.
  8. Another important app to check is YouTube, since kids may be exposed to unsuitable content through this app. Thanks to Mobile Spy, you can see all the videos watched and get the links to them.
  9. It is also possible to see Contacts and check the list of all the contacts saved to the phone, including new contacts added. In addition, you can view Calendar activities to see all the appointments and entries saved.
  10. Mobile Spy lets you see what apps are installed on the phone that you are monitoring and you can even block specific apps if needed.
  11. The WiFi uploading feature lets you ensure that logs are only uploaded using WiFi. This can help to reduce the data-plan and the battery usage.
  12. You can also uninstall Mobile Spy from the device remotely, without requiring physical access to the device. You can also adjust settings remotely.
  13. Remote Uninstall. Remotely uninstall the Mobile Spy app from the phone without needing to be in physical contact with the phone.
  14. There is also a keylogger that records all the keystrokes on the phone.
  15. Thanks to the Alerts feature, you will know when your child carries out certain actions. For instance, if profane language is detected (if it is viewed or typed), the app will notify you. In addition, if you don’t want your child to go beyond certain areas, you can set limits to make sure that they don’t leave the safe perimeters. If the call or text a specific contact that you have previously selected, you will also be notified. There are also notifications when the wrong PIN number or SMS commands are entered. With the Custom alerts, you can enter certain keywords and be alerted when they are used on the device.


Mobile Spy covers all the main features needed to keep an eye on your children or on your employees. It provides detailed information and reliable performance that will allow you to get a good idea of who they talk to, what content they access and more. There is a Basic Plan available for $99.97 for one year, while the Premium plan costs $139.97 for the same period of time. You can also choose subscriptions for three or six months, but the yearly plans offer the best value. When you get a plan, you can also contact the support team whenever needed. Mobile Spy is a well-established solution, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work in stealth mode and it is only compatible with Android.

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