How to Spy on Phone Calls – Android and iPhone

Spying on phone calls may help in cases in which it is crucial to find out if your loved ones are safe. If you think that there is something wrong and they are not telling you the truth, listening to their calls secretly would allow you to become aware of the situation. You will know exactly what is being discussed during their calls so you won’t have to confront them without any evidence. Using a spy app is a reliable and effective method to know what is happening with your loved ones.

These apps can give you access to every detail of their phone use. For instance, you will be able to read their text messages, and emails and will see their activity on a wide variety of apps like Viber, LINE, Skype, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat and more. With a spy app it is also possible to see their pictures, videos and their contact list. Additionally, you can track their whereabouts with GPS location.

In order to take advantage on all the features supported by a spy app, you just need to install it on the phone that you wish to monitor. Once this is done, the app will track their activity and will collect the data to give you access to it. To see all the information collected, you simply need to log in to your account (which is created when you register) and check the dashboard.

How to intercept Live Phone Calls

While there are spy apps available, if you are mainly interested in listening to calls, you should opt for FlexiSPY. This is the only solution that allows you to intercept the calls in a reliable and effective way. The software is compatible with all major platforms, including iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. With FlexiSPY’s call listening feature, you will be able to intercept the target user’s calls whenever it is needed.

This option works in a simple way and it works in stealth mode, meaning that the person you are monitoring, won’t know that you are listening to their calls. You can activate the live call feature from the online dashboard or by sending a secret SMS text to start intercepting the conversation. It is also possible to spy on VoIP calls, which is quite convenient since many people use services like Skype, Viber and WhatsApp for their calls.

What is the difference between live call interception and call recording?

There is some confusion regarding the call recording and live call interception features and some users believe that they are the same. The truth is that the call recording function is the option that allows you to listen to calls that already took place. If you are unable to listen to a live call, the app will record it for you so that you can listen to it at a later stage. It should be noted that sometimes the recording may not be effective, but this would depend on the phone.

Issues like poor signal, weak internet connection can have an impact on the quality of the recording. You also need to keep in mind that you would need to wait for the recordings to be saved to your online spy account. The live call option on the other hand, gives you the possibility of listening to the conversation while it is actually taking place. You can get a notification via email or SMS, every time a call is received or initiated. If preferred, you can choose to receive notification only for calls from a specific contact.

How does call interception work?

Once you get a notification, you can go to your account and make a call to the targeted phone using the “Monitor Number” option in your FlexiSPY dashboard under the “Bugging Controls” menu. You can modify the settings under the Live Call Controls section, going to Manage Watchlist. This offers multiple options to intercept the calls of the user’s contact books, as well as unknown numbers. The Monitor Number option is also used to listen to the phone surroundings or getting alerts when the SIM is changed. In order to save the required changes, you need to click the Sync Now button. Here you can also enable the call recording feature.

Live call feature

To listen to a call in real-time, you have to make a spy call to the target user’s phone. After you make the call, the app installed on the their device will recognize the Monitor Number and set up a conference call to add you to the call without being detected. When you call the target, their phone won’t ring or display any called ID information. The call will not appear on their call logs. In the same way, the SMS alerts don’t leave any trace in the SMS history.

Things to keep in mind

It is important to remember a few things when you are using FlexiSPY’s call listening and recording functionality. Make sure that your mic is on the mute mode to make sure that the target can’t hear any sound. Listen to the call without interfering as this will allow you to get clear information and have enough proof that confirms your suspicions. Once you listen to the full call, you will if there is something wrong going on with your loved ones and will be able to take the necessary action.

What is needed to be able to spy on calls?

The phone that you want to monitor must be running an OS version that is compatible with the app, along with a SIM card that has a GSM network.

The phone has to support call waiting and 3-way calling services.

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