How to listen to live mobile phone calls remotely

If you have noticed that your loved ones are distant and that they are receiving phone calls at odd hours, it is likely that something is going on and you need to pay attention to the signs. You may suspect that your child is hanging out with the wrong crowd or that your partner is having an affair. In either case, you may be thinking that listening to their phone calls is the only way to find out the truth. Checking their phones when you have a chance may give you some clues, but it is likely that you will end up with more questions. Furthermore, when someone has something to hide, they are more likely to keep their phone with them at all times and they will probably ensure that the information on their phone can only be accessed by entering a password.

Being unable to check their phones, leaves you with more uncertainty and gets you to a point in which you feel that you need to take alternative measures to find out what is happening. If they seem to try to take or make phone calls when your are not around, or if you are nearby but they seem nervous and the conversation seems awkward, you are probably dying to know what is actually being discussed. You will be glad to know that there is a solution that will allow you to listen to live mobile phone calls. With FlexiSPY, you will have the chance of eavesdropping calls easily. Here we will tell you how Flexispy works and the features that it offers.

Using Flexyspy to listen to live phone calls

While there are other monitoring solutions available, FlexiSPY’s Extreme plan is the only one that supports call interception feature. Apart from allowing you to listen to and record mobile calls, FlexiSPY offers other convenient features that will let you get a comprehensive view of what is happening. You can access text messages, emails, contacts, photos, videos, chat history and more. As mentioned, FlexiSPY stands out from the competition by offering call listening functionality.

The call interception feature lets you listen to calls made or received by the target user. They will not notice that the call is being monitored because the app works in stealth mode. This option is available for Android and iOS. You can also record calls so that you can listen to them at a later stage. If you are unable to listen to a call as it takes place, you can record it and get back to it when you have a chance. Keep in mind that in order to be able to listen to the recorded calls, you need to connect to internet and access your FlexiSPY account. The good thing is that you can sign in from anywhere and once you access the control panel, you will be able to play the recorded calls.

Additional Features

Listening to and recording phone calls is an impressive feature on its own, but FlexiSPY offers much more. You can check phone call logs to see who calls and who is receiving calls from the person you are monitoring. The information available includes contact name, phone number, date and time of the call, as well as its duration. It is also possible to see missed and deleted calls. This data can be exported to Excel so you can have a detailed summary if needed.

Since many people are using VoIP services to enjoy free or low-priced calls, it is also good to see that FlexiSPY provides access to call details for these applications. You can check WhatsApp, Skype or Viber calls or messages. FlexiSPY supports other IM applications and you can easily access all the information by logging in to your online account.

It is also possible to listen to the target’s phone surroundings, which will tell you if they really are where they are supposed to be. This feature is available in popular mobile phone platforms and in order to access it, you just need to enter your phone number into your FlexiSPY account and then call the target user’s phone. They won’t see the call, but you will connected to the device and will be able to listen to their surroundings. Additionally, you will be able to record the surrounding sounds for up to 60 minutes and in stealth mode. Just like with the call recording feature, this will allow you to listen to the sound captured at a later stage, by simply accessing your FlexiSPY account.

If you are monitoring an iPhone, you will also have the chance of using the FaceTime Spy cam. FaceTime is a popular communication platform exclusive to iOS and it is preferred by many users because it supports high quality video calls. The FaceTime Spy Cam feature discreetly activates the microphone and camera of the target device, so you can see and listen to their surroundings.


FlexiSPY is the only way to intercept phone calls effectively, but that is not the only reason to opt for it. FlexiSPY is reliable, powerful and supports advanced technology that will allow you to monitor different aspects of someone’s communications and activity on their phone. While the Extreme plan is pricey (starts at $199 for three months), it is worthy since it may be the only way to find out the truth. There is a 10-day money back guarantee that lets you try the software to verify if it is the right option for your needs.

In addition, the app is supported by a knowledgeable and efficient customer service team. FlexiSPY is ideal for parents who are concerned about their children and it is also effective for employers that need to ensure that work mobile phones are not used to share company information. Just keep in mind that in order to install FlexiSPY or any other spy application, you will need physical access to the phone that you wish to monitor.

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