FlexiSpy Review

FlexiSpy Review

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FlexiSpy is a leading solution in the world of spy software and it continues evolving to offer even more features to help you trace and monitor your children and employees. The interface has been improved to ensure that you users can easily access all the options available. In this review, we will explore the functionality of FlexiSpy and the information that you can monitor with it.


The first aspect to consider when choosing spy software is compatibility as it is what determines if the program is right for you. FlexiSpy supports the main mobile platforms: Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Symbian and it works with a wide selection of brands and models. Make sure that you know what operating system is running on the device you want to monitor and check the list of options supported by FlexiSpy.

Keep in mind that you need to have physical access to the target phone in order to install the app. Additionally, it should be noted that if you want to monitor an iPhone, you will need to jailbreak it first. Otherwise, it won’t be possible to install the application.While you can set up the app on Android devices and many basic features are available without rooting, this process is usually required to access some advanced functions.

Features and plans

FlexySpy offers two paid plans: Premium and Extreme. The Premium option supports all the basic features needed to monitor the target phone. You will be able to check text messages, call logs, Facebook, WhatsApp, LINE, Skype, iMessage, BBM and more. This option also gives you access to contacts, calendars, web browsing history and apps installed. The Extreme plan includes all the options that you get with the Premium plan, as well as advanced features like password cracker, the option to listen to phone calls and to control the microphone on the target device. This will allow you to listen to the surroundings.

The Premium package costs $68 per month, but you can save money by option for the yearly subscription, which costs $149, reducing the price per month to just above $12.40 USD. The Extreme plan costs $199 for three months or $349 per year, meaning that the cost per month is just under $30. Although the Extreme plan is considerably more expensive, it is the best option if you need the ultimate level of monitoring. As previously mentioned, it allows you to crack passwords, listen and record phone calls and take over the microphone. Additionally, it offers spoofing tools.

Overall, FlexiSpy’s functionality is impressive as it enables you to monitor activity in more than a dozen of messaging apps. Apart from popular options like WhatsApp, Skype, Twitter, Tinder, Instagram and Facebook Messenger, you will be able to check activity from Snapchat, Google Hangouts, KIK meesenger, Viber, BBM, WeChat, Telegram, LINE and Yahoo Messenger. Apart from the content of the conversations, you will see time and date. The advanced options also allow you to control the camera remotely to take photos and to hide the fact that an iPhone has been jailbroken to install the app. In fact, as a good spy solution, FlexySpy works in stealth mode and the target user won’t see any trace of the app in the device.

Does it really work?

After installing the app, you will be able to monitor your child’s phone to make sure that they are not accessing inappropriate content or hanging out with the wrong crowd. As noted before, jailbreaking the iOS device will be necessary, while rooting will be required to access some advanced features on Android. Another thing to keep in mind is that in order to be able to record calls and track IM chats, the target phone has to be connected to internet using WiFi or mobile data plan. This will ensure that the spy server can upload the required data. For call listening, it is also required that the three-way calling mode is enabled on the phone you are monitoring. This can be activated with the help of the cell phone carrier.

In addition to the features previously mentioned, FlexiSpy offers other options such as Apps blocker and GPS location tracking. If your child has installed an app that is not appropriate for them, you can block it. The GPS location tracking feature allows you to know where your kids are. Additionally, you can configure alerts so that FlexiSpy notifies you when your kids are in contact with specific phone numbers. You can also scan certain keywords if you have specific concerns about what your children search or discuss online. The software is effective, reliable and gives you access to a wide selection of data.


Although it is pricey, FlexiSpy is an investment worth considering if you need to get access to information related to the apps used, websites visited, conversations held and whereabouts of your children or employees. It offers advanced options that will paint a clear picture of all the activities of the target user. Another reason to choose FlexiSpy is that the customer service is professional and efficient.

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