How to Find out if There is Spy Software Installed on Your Smartphone

How to Find out if There is Spy Software Installed on Your Smartphone

Are you concerned about the possible presence of Spy software on your phone? You may have some suspicions based on unusual sounds or glitches on your phone. Or maybe you have noticed that your closed ones seem to know about conversations and plans that you have not shared with them. If there is a spy app installed on your computer, whoever is using it to monitor you, would get a great deal of information. They would be able to see pretty much everything you do when you are using your smartphone. Here we’ll take a closer look at how your smartphone can be intercepted and what you can do to discover if there is a spy app running on your device.

What can a spy app do?

Spy apps are a powerful method to get access to someone’s phone to see all their activities. Once the software is downloaded and installed on the device that is to be monitored, it begins to monitor all the information from the phone and then uploads it to its server. The user who has purchased and installed the application will be able to access an online account where all the details tracked by the spy app will be available. In order to access the content, it is necessary to log into the account using a password. The information that can be accessed includes data that has been deleted. Below you will see a list of the information that can be tracked with a spy app.

  • Phone Call logs in text format (certain spy apps also offer the possibility of listening and recording calls).
  • Text Messages and Emails
  • Photos, videos and audio files stored on the phone
  • Real time GPS locations
  • Phone Contacts and associated details
  • Internet browsing history
  • Instant Messenger Chats – Apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber and more

The above shows how capable are spy apps. They cover every aspect of mobile phone use and provide the information with data and time print. They work in stealth mode, meaning that you won’t notice their presence on your device. The most popular options available are mSpy, FlexiSPY and Highster Mobile. Concerned parents often use this technology to keep an eye on their children’s smartphone activities. Employers also use them to monitor company’s phones. However, they are also to monitor cheating spouses. Spy apps offer options that will suit different purposes and they are available for a reasonable price. It should be noted that remote installation is not possible so they can only be installed by someone who has physical access to the device.

How to detect the presence of spy apps on your mobile device

Given that spy software is designed to work without being noticed, it is not easy to tell when it is installed on a device. However, there are some indicators that could alert you about the presence of this type of software on your phone. One of the most common signs is battery drainage. If you notice that your smartphone’s battery is draining faster than usual without any other explanation, it is possible that a spy app is running on the background. However, it should be noted that the most sophisticated solutions have addressed this point and the latest versions of the software don’t consume as much battery.

Unexpected reboots are another sign that should be considered. While a mobile device that reboots suddenly may be affected by viruses, if you notice that the home screen lights up automatically and the device restarts regularly, it is possible that there is a spy app installed. Advanced spy apps have also managed to reduce this situation, but you may still experience it, particularly if there is an older version of the software installed on your device.

Mobile monitoring apps need an internet connection to be able to work effectively. If you have a data plan on your device and notice an increase on data usage, a spy app may be the culprit. Again, this is a sign that the best spy apps have addressed and as result, they don’t consume as much data and are more difficult to detect. A significant increase may only be noticeable if a large file is transferred to the spy server.

Receiving strange messages from unknown sender can also give away the presence of a spy app. This is an issue that is not likely to appear with the latest version of advanced spy software. However, in some cases, even with the best spy apps, a notification reveals their presence on your device. You may get an indecipherable text with numbers and symbols. This may be related to a spy app as some of them use SMS to execute commands on the targeted phone remotely.

If the spy app supports call recording and listening, you may get some interference or hear strange noises when you make or receive calls. In many cases, this may be due to a bad connection but if you notice strange background sounds during your calls, it is possible that someone is listening to the conversation.

How can you tell if there is a spy app on your iPhone?

For iPhone users it is easier to find out if there is a spy app installed on their device. In order to install spy software on an iPhone, it is necessary to jailbreak the device first. As such, if you notice that your device has been jailbroken without your knowledge, it is possible that this was done to install a spy app. If the device has been jailbroken, the Cydia app will be available on the device.

However, there are ways to hide this app to cover the fact that a jailbreak has been performed on the iPhone. If you don’t see the Cydia app but suspect that the device has been jailbroken, you can try to initiate the jailbreak process. If it has been completed previously, you will be informed about this on a message. This way you will know of the device is jailbroken or not, which will give you an important clue to find out if there is a spy app installed.

How to tell if there is spy software on your Android or Blackberry

You can try to find confirmation of the presence of the app by going to Settings, then Applications and Manage Applications/Running Services. You may be able to locate the spy files there. While the most advanced and effective spy apps are designed to remove any trace of their presence from the device, in some cases you may come across a file with a strange name or an alphanumeric code.

This may be a log file of the spy app. Just keep in mind that if you come across a file of this type, it doesn’t mean that it is related to a spy app for sure. Avoid deleting these files without knowing what they relate to. They may be an important part of your phone’s operating system and removing them may cause damage on your device.


The signs we covered may help you to identify the presence of a spy app on your device. There are also apps designed to detect spyware on your phone such as Certo for iPhone. Inspect your device closely and if you suspect that there is a spy app on your device, you can update the OS as this is usually the easiest way to get rid of them.

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