eBlaster Mobile Review

eBlaster Mobile Review

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UPDATE: SpectorSoft changed its name to Veriato and it decided to focus on offering solutions for medium and large businesses. Its products are designed to monitor employees, analyze user behaviors and prevent internal security threats. As a result, it doesn’t support products for individual users such as eBlaster Mobile anymore, and this app is no longer available. We recommend alternatives like mSpy and FlexiSPY.

For parents, keeping an eye on kids at all times can be difficult, specially as children grow up and become more independent. With so many dangers lurking, it is understandable that you look for options to protect your kids, even when you are not around. eBlaster Mobile is one of the products that aims to help parents to monitor their children using their mobile devices. The software is a product of SpectorSoft (now known as Veriato), a well-established company with extensive experience in monitoring and security solutions. We’ll take a closer look at their eBlaster Mobile product, intended for parents who want to check their kids communications and online activities to ensure that they are safe.


eBlaster Mobile is primarily intended for BlackBerry and Android devices, and the best performance results are obtained with the later. There is no support for iOS and the features available depend on the platform used. For instance, Android users have more options as they can monitor calls, text messages, browsing history, photos and also track GPS location. All the information is accessed remotely through eBlaster’s online portal. It is possible to set geo-fencing alerts so you will know if your children are outiside a pre-determined area that is considered as safe. Parents can also get activity reports to their email address every hour or every few hours. The app works in stealth mode, meaning that it won’t be visible in the targeted phone. Once the software is installed on the device that you want to monitor, you can adjust some settings and block specific content remotely. Of course, like with other monitoring apps, you need to have physical access to the device in order to install it.

The blocking features are limited, but they enable parents to block certain websites that they don’t want their kids to access. For instance, you can place restrictions on sites that offer content related to alcohol, tobacco and other categories that are not suitable for children. The downside is that it is not possible to place time-limits to make sure that kids focus on their studies of that they go to bed on time. Time-restrictions is a practical feature that many parents would like to have, but it is not supported by eBlaster. Still, the app offers other practical solutions such as the chance to track your children’s location using GPS. This allows you to know where they are and if you notice that they are beyond the safe area, you can intervene on time.

Customer Support

Since the company behind eBlaster is well-established and it has solid experience, users can expect good assistance when they contact the support team via Live Chat or phone. It is also possible to open a ticket to request additional help whenever needed. The fact that it is possible to reach to the support team using a toll free number is one of the advantages of using eBlaster.


The price of the service seems reasonable, although it should be kept in mind that only basic features are supported and other providers offer better functionality for a similar price. Plus, you can only purchase a yearly plan. The price for Android device is $69.99 USD per year. There is also a solution designed to monitor Windows and Mac computers. It costs $99.99 per year and it offers more features than the mobile version. For instance, with the desktop edition of eBlaster, it is possible to check social media activity.

eBlaster Mobile Pros

  • Simple
  • Good for people who only need basic tracking and blocking functionality.


  • It is not possible to access web bookmarks, calendar, agenda or phonebook
  • No advanced features such as call monitoring or access to social media, IM apps on the mobile version.
  • There are no alerts for keyword and SIM change alerts
  • It doesn’t support the option to wipe data
  • It is not compatible with iPhone


eBlaster Mobile focuses on simplicity and it doesn’t offer advanced features and while it works well on Android, it doesn’t support iOS and its functionality is limited. The blocking and tracking features are limited when compared to what other services in the market offer. If you only want to monitor basic information on your child’s phone, eBlaster Mobile may work well, but if you want a wider range of options to find out what they are up to, this app wouldn’t be the best choice, given its shortcomings.

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