Best Cell Phone Spy, SMS & Mobile Tracking Apps

Mobile monitoring or tracking solutions can be useful in many situations, but you need to choose carefully. Not all services are reliable and there are even fake apps that are only intended to infect your devices with dangerous viruses. In order to find the best option for your needs and avoid possible scams, it is important to know what you are looking for and to have expert guidance to find the right software for you. The majority of monitoring solutions can spy on text messages and they also allow you to keep track of activities on social media networks. Though our reviews, you will be able to find out what the best spy and tracking tools have to offer.

We have tested a variety of services available and have gone through every important aspect to help you in your search for the best solution. To make sure that your privacy is protected, we have checked the Terms and Conditions of every provider to confirm that your data is not collected, logged or shared with third parties. Through our reviews and tests, we have identified fake spy apps that are only a way to install viruses on your system. We have also come across scams that are not effective and that are used to gather your personal information and your credit card details. We share our experience with our readers to help them to avoid untrustworthy services. Our aim is to offer impartial and honest advice.

Spy tracking tools focus on helping parents to make sure that their children are not exposed to dangerous content or contacts, and that they are also aimed at employers who want to monitor the work devices of their organization to prevent data breaches and to keep productivity at an optional level. In both cases, the use of monitoring software is legitimate and within the law, as long as certain parameters are followed. However, spy apps are also very popular among people who want to spy on their spouses and partners, which may be illegal in many jurisdictions. It is important to check your local laws to make sure that your use of spy apps is not against the regulations. Hiring a private investigator may be a good alternative, although it would be more expensive.

Best cell phone spy apps


mSpy has been around since 2011 and its service is constantly being updated to provide advanced technology and high quality for its customers. Thanks to the reliability and good feedback that mSpy has earned through out the year, it has become a leading solution in the world of monitoring and tracking apps. It supports mobile devices, cellphones and computers. mSpy is one of the most popular options in the market and it offers a great selection of features, including the possibility of monitoring Tinder and Snapchat. The iPhone No Jailbreak solution is also worth mentioning as it lets users monitor an iPhone without going through the jailbreak process.


FlexiSpy is a well-established solution that has been offering its services since 2007. It is also considered as a high quality monitoring app that supports a great selection of features, including the possibility to listen and record phone surroundings. Although FlexiSpy is more expensive than other options available, it is worth considering since it offers advanced functionality and top performance. The spy app works well and it offers a versatile solution to monitor and track activities on a variety of devices and mobile platforms.


MobiStealth is also a reliable service and it stands out thanks to its affordability and compatibility. While the set of features supported seems limited when compared to FlexiSpy and mSpy, MobiStealth is still offering the ability to record phone surroundings using the device’s microphone and camera to capture audio, pictures and video. Android, BlackBerry and Symbian devices don’t need to be rooted in order to install and run MobiStealth. There is also an option to monitor iPhones without having to jailbreak them.

Criteria used to rate and evaluate spy software

Ease of use

This is an essential aspect to consider as it can determine your experience with the software. Dealing with a complicated, badly designed software can be really frustrating so choosing a solution that can be easily installed and that runs smoothly can make a big difference. Whether you are a user with technical knowledge or a beginner,a good spy software will offer ease of use and simple performance. We have also looked for compatibility with popular devices.

Features and functionality

Before choosing a spy application, you need to consider what information you want to access. There are basic features that you can find on any spy app, but some offer advanced solutions that are ideal for those who want to monitor a wider range of options such as Facebook Messenger and Skype. There are also apps that offer anti-theft protection, GPS tracking, the ability to block calls or access to certain content and more.

Updates and support

Being able to reach the support team and get effective assistance whenever needed is something that should also be considered when choosing a provider. This is true in any case and spy software is not an exception. It is important to select a provider that regularly updates its product and that offers reliable support. This will ensure that you get help in case any issues arise. We also take into account the guides and information included on the providers’ websites.

Trust, privacy and ethical business practices

Since using a spy app means that you are granting the company access to private data including text messages, calls, emails and pictures, it is important that you pay special attention to the way in which the information is handled. Reading the spy service’s policies and terms is crucial. Unfortunately, there are providers that will see your private information to third parties. This is specially true with services that only charge a one time fee or that are free. The truth is that maintaining a spy app requires a hefty investment of time and money. Reliable companies charge on a subscription basis to cover the costs of their services. However, a cheap solution is likely to try to make money by selling your information. Make sure that you check the terms of service before committing to any contract.

Check websites and customer feedback

Real customer feedback is another important aspect to keep in mind. There are many websites that offer information on spy apps, but they are clearly biased and don’t provide honest suggestions. While we may receive a small commission from a company if you purchase their app through our link, we would not let that dictate our recommendations. We encourage you to read customer feedback to find out what is the experience of other users when using a spy app.

Basic aspects of cell phone spy software and trackers

A cell phone tracker or spy monitoring app is an application that lets users monitor and track the way in which a mobile device is used. Most apps available share the same core features, but there are some solutions that provide unique functionality. Spy monitoring apps work as surveillance tools and they can be used for different purposes.

How are spying apps used

This technology can be used to protect your device from theft, for parental control and other purposes. Employers can use these tools to track and monitor company devices to make sure that they are only being used for work-related tasks and that confidential company information is not being shared externally. Many parents rely on spy apps to make sure that their children are not exposed to dangers when using their mobile devices. These days, kids are using tablets and mobile phones from an early age and with all the apps and content available, it is difficult for parents to control what children access. Monitoring and tracking software can give peace of mind to concerned parents and help them to protect their kids from predators and harmful content.

Main functions and features

  • SMS text messaging logs and conversations
  • Checking website browsing history and applying restrictions
  • Logging calls with date and time stamps
  • Restricting calls from unknown numbers

Advanced functions and features

  • Listening/recording phone calls
  • Real-Time GPS position tracking
  • Geo-Fencing – Getting alerts about geographic location
  • Remotely activate camera
  • Remotely activate mic to listen to surroundings
  • Keystroke logger to record the keys typed in by the user

Spy apps bring you functionality that was previously reserved to government agencies. These tools allow parents to keep an eye on the content accessed by their kids and give employers the possibility of managing productivity and protecting their sensitive data.

How do spy apps work?

The setup and access system of tracking software are pretty much the same regardless of the option selected. You need to install the application on the mobile device you want to monitor. Once you have completed the setup process, all the information collected will be sent to a secure server that can be accessed through their website with your account login. You can also choose to receive notifications and logs via email. It is important to keep in mind that an internet connection (Wi-Fi or data) is needed.

The first step is to select a service that is compatible with the device model and operating system that you have selected. It is possible to find solutions for a variety of platforms including Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. The guides and reviews that we include on our website, will allow you to find a solution that suits the device you wish to monitor. Bear in mind that iOS devices need to be jailbroken in order to install spy apps. Although there are solutions that allow you to monitor an iPhone without jailbreak, there are limitations on the information that can be obtained.

The second step is to install the application. You need to have physical access to the device to be able to install the application. It is not possible to install it remotely so be wary of any service that claims to offer this option. Once you have installed the spy app on the mobile, it will operate in stealth mode so it won’t be visible and it will start collecting information straight away.

Is it legal to use spy software tools and applications?

Spy apps themselves are not illegal but it is important to use them within the limits established by your local laws. In general, you can install a tracking app on a device that you own. However, you can’t install it on someone else’s device without their knowledge. Employers who own the devices they give their staff can install monitoring software as long as they let their employers know about this. Parents who bought a phone for their child can install a spy app if their child is under 18 years old. Since the laws are different in every country, it is your responsibility to check your local regulations and make sure that you are using the spy app for legitimate and legal purposes.